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What services do the escorts provide.

You can view the escorts services and booking fees by visiting the escorts page on Bkk141 and clicking on your desired escorts photo. This will open the escorts profile listing services,booking fees and the escorts details.

How many shots can I expect?

Depending on your booking duration you can expect the following number of shots 2 hour booking = 2 shots 8 hour booking = 3 shots 24 hour booking = 4 shots Additional shots = 1000THB with the consent of the escort. Please note the longer  booking duration’s allow the client to enjoy the experience without having to feel rushed.

How long does it take for the escorts to arrive at my hotel?

It generally takes 1 hour for our Escorts to reach your hotel . However, depending on their current location, it can be a lot faster or slightly longer.

How do I pay the escort?

Please pay the escort the full booking fee upon meeting the escort and agreeing to continue on with your booking. Please do not touch or try to interact in a sensual or sexual manner with the escort before paying the booking fee. Please pay in Thai baht only  if you do not have Thai baht your hotel will be happy to exchange your currency for you.

Hours of business?

Bkk141 is a 24 hour service our operator is available on 0875091688 to assist you with any bookings inquiries. Is it late bight or early morning and you would like some company to help you achieve a happy finish to your evening then please call 0875091688. Please note escort availability maybe limited in the early hours as some escorts like to sleep regular hours if they have no prior bookings. Despite this  we still manage to fulfill our clients needs and wishes most of the time despite the time.

If I require assistance on my booking how can I contact you?

If you require assistance then please call our local number 0875091688 and speak with us anytime day or night we are here to assist you and make your stay as pleasurable as possible. Our personal service is what sets Bkk141 apart from other services in Bangkok.

Can I communicate directly to the escort by telephone or email?

Direct communication with the escort is not allowed so please do not ask for the escorts phone number or email address this is strictly against our terms, Bkk141  will arrange everything for you with the escort accordingly. Asking for the escorts phone number or email address will result in the escort refusing and possible termination of the booking without refund.

Does Bkk141 provide In call service?

Unfortunately Bkk141 is an Out call service only with the escort arriving at your hotel in as little as 45 minutes from your call to our local number 0875091688.

How often do escorts have health checks?

As with You and I the escorts primary concern is for their health so they have regular health checks some escorts monthly other escorts  every 3 months. The escorts take all precautions to limit any risk to both herself and the client. All sex is with a condom and under no circumstance will the escort be willing to have unprotected sex so please do not ask as this may upset and make the escort uncomfortable which will result in your booking being terminated.

Are the photos of the escorts genuine ?

All profile photographs that are used in our galleries are 100% real . We do not photo shop or enhance photographs in any way.  We pride our selves on sending you the escort that you book. Details are also correct . If the hostess you book states on her details that she is 170 tall she will not be 155 tall. Our only wishes are to provide a high class and reliable service to our clients.

What if I want to extend my booking with the escort?

If you wish to extend your booking with the escort please call our local number 0875091688 and speak with the operator they will in turn check the escort schedule and speak with the escort to confirm the escort availability. Please note the escort may not be available for other than your original booking duration due to prior booking reservations.

What if I do not like the escort when she arrives?

In the event that you do not like or are not personally matched with the escort please pay the escort a cancellation fee of 1000THB to cover the escorts time and expense  it has taken her  to get ready and arrive for your booking. Please note this is a very rare occurrence however in the event  we will do our best to provide you our valued client  another escort of your choosing.

Can I have guests in the hotel room while I am entertaining the escort?

No there is to be only the escort and yourself in the hotel room at all times to avoid making the escort uncomfortable. Please note failure to comply with this request will result in the cancellation of your booking.

I value my privacy will BKK141 handle my private information discretely?

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us at Bkk141 we will not divulge your information to any other person other than your chosen escort. Bkk141 is a discrete service the escort will arrive at your hotel suitably attired and will be discrete in her dealings as to avoid drawing any unwanted attention to you if you are trying to keep a low profile.

What are my options if I don’t like the escort and wish to cancel my appointment?

It is very rare that a client does not  connect with the escort for any reason however if this situation does occur a cancellation fee of 1,000 THB must be paid directly to the escort to cover the escorts time to prepare for your booking and to cover the escorts travel expenses. Please note you must cancel within the first 10 minutes after your escort arrives and before the session begins.  Any disrobing or touching automatically begins your session and full payment is required.

How advanced can I make a booking?

The earliest you can submit a booking request for a reliable confirmation on your chosen escorts availability is 4 weeks however this does not mean you can not submit a booking request more than 4 weeks in advanced it just means I am unable to provide you with a reliable confirmation on the escorts availability as often the escorts are unsure of their schedule more than 4 weeks in advanced.

Can I take photos of the escort?

Sorry none of the escorts allow photos or video even if for your own private use please dont not ask as you make upset or make the escort uncomfortable which can result in your booking being canceled and the escort leaving your company.

Can the escort travel with me outside of Bangkok?

Certainly the escorts are able to travel with you to anywhere within Thailand and will often be able to act as your guide to local attractions otherwise missed by the majority of  tourist,  offering you a true taste of Thailand. Please note you will be liable for all travel expenses for the escort to your destination and back to Bangkok.